Spider sheet metal storage rack

Almost infinite expansion options

Find the right sheet quickly with fewer forklift movements. With our sheet metal storage racks you can reduce handling times by as much as 80% and also save hundreds of square metres of space.

spider sheet metal storage rack, Spider sheet metal storage rack

Do you want to store large quantities of sheet metal in a single system? This model gives you the option of controlling an unlimited number of storage racks using just one lift. New racks can also be added on a modular basis at any time.


      • system height of up to 8,550 mm
      • 30 to 1,000 drawers (unlimited expansion possible)
      • load-carrying capacity of 2,500 kg per drawer
      • fully automatic operation
      • simple search function including logging of leftover materials
      • for sheet material up to 3,000 x 1,500 mm or 4,000 x 2,000 mm

User-friendly control system in 3 variants

We supply all our automatic sheet metal storage racks with an intuitive, user-friendly control system. An operator can therefore set straight to work. And when it comes to scheduling, purchasing and planning, you can see your current stock of sheet metal and leftover materials at a glance.

  • 3 variants (see brochure)
  • flexible positioning
  • easy to operate
  • can be linked to your own ERP system
spider sheet metal storage rack, Spider sheet metal storage rack

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