ICAM Siloplus

ICAM SILO Plus - Uki Storage Limited, ICAM SILO <sup>Plus</sup>

SILOPlus is the multi-column vertical lift module with shifting tray for the storage and high-frequency picking of light loads (max 100 kg).

Thanks to its exclusive handling technology and to the variable sizing options for the trays (both in terms of dimensions and load capacity), SILOPlus represents the ideal storage solution for the rapid order processing.

SILOPlus  offers operational performance never been reached before from a multi-column vertical lift system, ensuring a high throughput and a rapid return of investment.


  • Better price / storage capacity ratio (€/m3)
  • Shorter order cycle times and faster access to materials
  • Optimized material flow
  • High levels of productivity in the order picking processes
  • Maximum exploitation of all available space both vertically and horizontally
  • Maximum economic efficiency


  • Buffer inter-operational storage (line feeding)
  • Storage of lights parts and components  
  • Individual safety devices storage (gloves, protective masks, protective clothing, glasses, etc.)
  • BtoB distribution 
  • BtoC distribution
  • Pharmaceutical distribution

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