ICAM Silo²

SILO² is an automatic multi-column vertical lift system with shifting trays for intesive storage of different items.

It offers maximum adaptability to real storage needs, faster ergonomic solution in the picking operations of small–medium sized items, even with a very high specific weight offering a wide range of specific weights per tray: steel moulds, printing cylinders, fabric rools, nuts and bolts, boxes, electrical & mechanical components, pharmaceuticals, spare parts, etc.

Its modular design enables the creation of automatic storage systems suitable for any requirements in terms of space and capacity, from 2 up to 7 columns. SILO² can replace several traditional single-columned systems with just one storage system structure, fully able to exploit all the available space.


  • Best price / storage capacity ratio (€/m3)
  • Maximum exploitation of all available space both vertically and horizontally
  • High versatility in application and wide range of specific weights per tray (from 99.4 a 1,001 Kg/m²)
  • Unprecedented operational operational continuity and flexibility
  • Proper identification, security and traceability of stored materials
  • Improved ergonomics, safety and comfort for operators


  • Small parts storage
  • Buffer storage of semi finished goods
  • Components and spare parts storage
  • Tools, moulds and dies storage
  • Kit storage
  • Rolled goods storage (cylinders, rolls, ecc)
  • Storage of medicines, medical devices and electro-medical equipment