Carousel Vertical Storage Carousels
Maximising storage space is a key driver in saving time and saving money.
The more accessible, simple, and efficient your storage systems are, the more responsive, accurate and organised your business will be.
UKI Storage Solutions are here to help you achieve greater success through optimising your working spaces.
Vertical Carousel Picking and Storage Systems
Our proven Vertical Carousel Picking and Storage Systems will make your space work harder.
Ideal for offices, warehouses, storerooms, and factory spaces alike, the systems have a small footprint and maximise the headroom of any building.
High volume storage from Kardex, Megamat, Megalift, Modula, Linpic and other brands.
Our systems are the perfect solution to the efficient storage of small components, electronic parts and finished goods.
The unique carousel system quickly brings any compartment within easy, comfortable reach of the operator.
We only supply the most reliable, efficient brands in storage systems – brands you can trust like Kardex, Megamat, Megalift, Modula and Linpic.
We can offer secondhand, refurbished and pre-owned Kardex and Linpic Vertical Carousels and their associated products and services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.
Vertical Carousels are an excellent way to achieve high density storage of small parts, electronic components.
Cost-effective ways of maximising and achieving high density storage of many different components and parts.
Utilising the maximum headroom which is available in your building with the smallest of footprints.
Our Services:
Contractual Service & Maintenance
 cover for all your Kardex and Linpic Vertical Carousels
Refurbished and pre-owned Vertical Carousels
Purchase & removal plans for your surplus or redundant Kardex, Megamat, Megalift, Modula and Linpic Carousels
Re-location and machine move Quotations
Emergency breakdown call-out cover
Spare parts

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