Compact long materials storage rack

for when 11 drawers are enough

Locate your tubes and profiles more easily and keep your shop floor free of clutter by tidying away stock. All your leftover materials can also be neatly stowed away in our automatic long materials storage racks, helping you use these materials more efficiently.

, Compact long materials storage rack

The name says it all: this is the most compact (and lowest-priced) variant of our long materials storage rack. You can opt for shallow drawers, deep drawers or a combination of the two. Plug-and-play installation and simple control mean you can quickly get to work. At less than 4 metres in height this model is also ideal for production areas with lower ceilings.


    • system height of 3,750 mm
    • up to 11 drawers
    • internal drawer dimensions: 6,200 x 700 x 300 mm
    • internal dimensions of shallow drawers: 6,200 x 850 x 200 mm
    • internal dimensions of deep drawers: 6,200 x 850 x 490 mm
    • load-carrying capacity per drawer: max. 3,000 kg
    • control panel with touchscreen
    • semi-automatic, plug-and-play

User-friendly control system in 3 variants

All our automatic long materials storage racks are equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly control system. Your operators can therefore set straight to work. And thanks to the handy search function, you will retain an overview of all your various tubes and profiles at all times.

  • 3 variants (see brochure)
  • flexible positioning
  • easy to operate
  • can be linked to your own ERP system
, Compact long materials storage rack

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