The management software for the automatic vertical storage systems

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ICON is our multilingual and multiple-machine, web-based software, which has been designed and developed entirely by ICAM to enable the management and control of the entire range of ICAM storage systems and the material stored within them. 

Designed in accordance with the latest technological standards, ICON meets the storage and picking needs of the most significant commercial and industrial sectors, providing greater flexibility of interface with the most popular WMS and ERP management software.

ICON was developed in C#, with the Visual Studio .NET 4.5. The PC is Microsoft Windows 10 embedded and is equipped with a network interface, a software package developed by ICAM and a database server program (SQL Express Edition)..

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  • 8th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD Hard Disk
  • Double network card


  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • NET Framework 4.5
  • SQL Server Express Edition
  • IIS 7.0 or superior


  • Touch screen console
  • Windows-based intuitive interface graphics
  • Modular structure and versatile options
  • Multiple inventory management strategies
  • Multilingual and multiple-machine management
  • Quick response times and optimised processing pathways
  • Assignment of specific authorisation profiles for individual users


The Interactive Control System

IRIDE is our innovative management technology for vertical lift systems. It has been designed to make picking and refilling operations faster, more intuitive and accurate, via a fully integrated digital environment both in the storage system itself and in the ICON management software.

Key Benefit Overview

  • User-Friendly
  • Ergonomics
  • Accuracy
  • Productivity

Simple, Fast and SecureOperations. Zero Mistakes

Light Picking Guide
With the assistance of the ‘Light Picking Guide’, coloured light beams identify the right locations which contain the material to be handled, guiding the operator step-by-step through the entire process.

Head-up Digital Dashboard
The ‘Head-up Digital Dashboard’ projects relevant handling information, instructions and alerts directly onto the automatic shutter door, just in front of the operator, thereby eliminating the need to continually glance from control panel to tray during the critical phases of the picking or refilling processes.

Adaptive Interior Lightning
IRIDE offers an integrated lighting system which interacts closely with the ‘Light Picking Guide’ and exploits the light source to signal hazardous situations through the use of multi-coloured codes (light curtain activation, machine block etc.).

Active Control
With ‘Active Control’, the operator can interact in real time with information projected onto the ‘Head-up Digital Dashboard’.
Without taking a step they can change the number of items to store or retrieve or confirm or cancel a handling operation.

Netstock ePic

Netstock ePic our latest client / server solution and is optimised to run on Microsoft Windows 7 / 10. Netstock

ePic has been installed throughout many industries on various makes and models of vertical storage systems

and integrated with many MRP and ERP systems including SAP, Oracle as well as operating stand-alone.