LINPIC Vertical Storage Carousel 5 Meters High M7

Specification for:

LINPIC Vertical Storage Carousel 5 Meters High M7

Serial Number


Year Of Manufacture

Machine Details


415 V



Max Load Per Carrier

125 Kg

Number Of Carriers



4 – Bulk, 4 – 2 tier, 20 – 3 tier

Machine Dimensions


5000 mm


3150 mm


1250 mm


Working Bays



350 mm

Carrier Dimensions

Average Product Height


270 mm


2540 mm


390 mm

Linpic Vertical Carousel Vertical storage system.

This Linpic is 5 Meters High and is suitable for installation in buildings with a height of 5 meters or more.

3150mm Wide and 1250mm Deep therefore suitable for these spaces.

Including a 170kg Max Carrier weight and 28 Carriers, so 4,250kg total payload capacity.

Up and Down selection buttons only on this machine. However, you can add a P.C and software to enable integration with your MRP systems.

Ideal for small and medium parts storage and improved floorspace footprint making up to an 80% reduction in floorspace used.

This Linpic Vertical Carousel is an exceptionally reliable machine, because we rarely have issues with machines of this type.

This Linpic Vertical Carousel storage system can be equipped with bins are a good choice to ensure space-saving storage and fast accurate retrieval of small parts.

This Linpic Vertical Carousel is also able to be fully integrated with your current MRP systems with our Netstock software product.

We recommend that carousels and shuttles are serviced regularly with our service agreement there should be minimal issues.

Our service maintenance contracts ensure that any potential issues are fixed in advance before they affect your operations.

ASRS machinery is often used to save floorspace, improve picking speed and error rate and to provide a tidy safe working environment.

Automated small & medium parts storage are efficient and economical solutions for all applications that call for high performance.

An automated small & medium parts storage speeds up access and retrieval operations, and the fully automated pick process boosts efficiency.

Overall performance is improved, and capacity is optimally utilized saving up to 80% of your currently used floorspace.

UKI Shuttles and Carousels, offer a high quality, high-tech warehouse organization system with readily available materials, which reduces work time, warehouse space and cost.

Our New & used (refurbished / second hand) storage systems are customizable with countless drawer and shelving configurations with add-on accessories including ways to partition and label areas for easier item accessibility.

This machine is currently stored at our warehouse facility, and is available for purchase, and installation, please call: 01162 799 077, to speak with our sales team.

Delivery, Installation, 12 Months Warranty
Annual Service & Maintenance Contract available on request

These machines mechanical & Electrical components are under warranty against defects for 12 months from the completed installation. This does not include failure due to misuse, negligence ,abuse, accident, fire, water or any other cause beyond the control of UKI Services Ltd.


Including 24 hr breakdown cover with a guaranteed response time of 8 working hours! We recommend that all machines are regularly serviced to ensure the continued smooth running of each machine. Our preventative Service and Maintenance Contract can highlight any foreseeable problems and help avoid major disruption to your production/services.

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