Linpic Vertical Storage Carousel Relocated

Linpic Storage Carousel Relocation

We were instructed by our client to move their Linpic 50 Industrial Vertical Storage Carousel. 
Our client has a manufacturing base here in the East Midlands, which is expanding, and the Linpic 50 Industrial storage carousel was in an area where they wanted to expand into. We usually find that when initially placing a machine, it is best practice to position the machine next to a wall, rather than in the middle of an area, as in this case.
We agreed that we would reposition the machine in a corner close to the original location. For this we needed specialist knowledge, and lifting experience, along with a bit of old-fashioned manpower.

Linpic Storage Carousel Relocation

, Linpic 50 Storage Carousel Relocation

We initially made sure that the machine was in full working order. We then made a risk assessment of the machine, and the areas the machine would occupy during the move. Once we ascertained that the Linpic Storage Carousel could be moved, and was safe to move, we set about our task to move the Carousel.
For this task, we needed; 3 Engineers, an Industrial Electrician, 4 lifting Scoots, Strapping, and a variety of handheld tools.
The first step was to turn off the machine.
The industrial electrician then removed the power from the Carousel.
We started by opening the access panels
We then positioned x4 lifting shims close to each corner of the Industrial Storage Carousel. This was initially raised a few mm buy utilising a manual heavy-duty lifting tool, and then placing a heavy duty lifting scoot into the correct position. This was done four times for each corner.
The Linpic Industrial storage carousel was then raised a few more mm off of the level surface so that the three engineers were able to move the very heavy industrial carousel. 

The process of moving a large cumbersome object like this is very delicate, and control & safety is of paramount importance. The machine was moved 360 degrees and was facing the opposite direction from its original position. The area that UKI engineers were working in was sufficiently large to be able to do this in multiple stages, a few mm at a time in different angles so that a full 360 rotation was achieved, under control, and safely.
Once the machine was fully rotated, we then had to position the machine, in order for maintenance to be carried out in future by our engineers, but also so that a new racking back can be installed next to the carousel. There is also an obstruction close to the wall, which meant that the Linpic carousel could not be placed flush in the corner.
After the machine was placed in the correct area, we measured the distance from the wall, to makes sure the machine was exactly in the agreed position.
The Industrial electrician then proceeded to reinstate power to the Linpic carousel, and our engineers went to work to put the machine back into full working order.
The old position where the Linpic Carousel was originally sat, was then cleaned ready for the internal building work to commence in the best environment possible.
The machine was moved successfully, and was back in full working order, the area was clean, and a safe place to operate in, in under 3 hours. This was a highly successful machine moving experience for UKI & our client.    

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