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Mobile Systems

Mobile Shelving System - COMPATTA

COMPATTA is a high-density filing system with shelving mounted on mobile bases that run on rails and allow stored material to be accessed by opening just the relevant aisle. COMPATTA provides over 80% extra storage compared to a traditional, fixed shelving system in the same floor space. it is also possible to reduce this footprint, while conserving the same archive capacity because COMPATTA saves over 40% of floor space that can then be put to other uses.

The mobile racking / shelving systems are semi-automated systems which consist of racking or shelving mounted on mobile bases that slide along rails, set into the floor. Thanks to a motorized mechanism, the mobile basis can be moved as necessary to allow access to the stored materials in the individual aisle in question only.  Available in two versions, Cargo for heavy loads and Light for more lightweight material, they can be moved manually, mechanically using a handwheel or electronically. 

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